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Category: Updates

Updates as of 08/15/2019

I have decided to make this blog (my website you are on) my parenting and mental illness blog. You can find my gaming blog here. It is currently under construction as I need to update it for my gaming niche. It will mostly focus on the Sims 4 and possibly past Sims games, such as 1-3. Maybe other related Sims games too, but primarily Sims 4, as that is what I am playing now. However I decided this blog needs to have only one or two niches, not four or… Read more Updates as of 08/15/2019


Redid my website last night, and changed a whole bunch of links today. So my website should look better and easier to navigate. And you shouldn’t need to download anything from my portfolio now. That makes me happy, it is better this way. Feel free to look at all the pages and changes I did, especially my portfolio! Also check out my twitter: