Why Are Louis Vuitton Replicas Getting Popular Now?

Replica handbags are everywhere these days. If you go into the clothing shop down the street, you are most likely to find some available for purchase. You can even find them online. It is not hard to get one now, because they are easily available and a lot cheaper than their designer versions. The one replica designer handbags that are the most popular are the Louis Vuitton ones. Why is that? What do they have that other replica handbags do not?

Louis’ life was filled with ups and downs, just like anyone else’s. But he persevered and made the Louis Vuitton brand as well-known as it is today.


  • Louis Vuitton’s career started when he walked from his hometown to the city of Paris, in France.
  • He was going to share his designs with the world, but first, he had to learn how.
  • He was only 13 when he took that long walk.
  • 2 years later, he arrived in Paris.
  • He had to take odd jobs along his route, just so he could keep himself alive.

Big Break

  • He got a job as a box-maker and packer for Napoleon Bonaparte’s wife in 1853.
  • The empress of France had him package her clothing for traveling.
  • He was well respected for this task.
  • Because he was among the elite in Europe, he started to get his name out there.

Special Orders

  • Coco Chanel requested a smaller version of the Alma Bag in 1925.
  • Louis, of course, filled this request just for her.
  • She was the first person to special order from Louis.
  • That bag ended up being produced for the public in the 1930s.

Mini Day Bag

  • Audrey Hepburn asked for the Keepall travel bag to be made smaller.
  • This way she could carry the bag for everyday use.
  • Louis filled her request, and this bag because of the staple of his brand.
  • This bag ended up becoming the Speedy Bag.

Noé Bag

  • This bag was designed to hold Champagne.
  • You can fit five bottles in this bag.
  • It was the first “bucket” bag to make it into production.
  • It was much larger than the smaller handbags he had been making.
  • The largest Noé Bag can still be used for this purpose to this day.

Damier and Monogram

  • Parisian that made trunks copied Louis’ first designs.
  • Damier’s checkered print was made in response to this, which was created in 1888.
  • Damier was still being copied.
  • In 1886, Louis make his signature monogram for this handbag.

Leather Handbags

  • Well known for all his handbags, his leather ones were not made until much later.
  • However, they were not released until 1985.
  • In the mid-80s, the Epi Leather line was released.
  • Even though he is known for his diversity in handbags, he was consistent until he released his leather collection.
  • This collection is still around to this day.


  • Moët Hennessy merged his company with Louis’ in 1987.
  • Louis was just creating accessories before 1997.
  • In 1997, Louis hired Marc Jacobs to be the director over the ready-to-wear collection.
  • Marc oversaw the aesthetic changes of the Louis brand.
  • Louis created a whole fashion brand afterward.


  • Marc Jacobs and Stephen Sprouse got together to make some of the iconic handbags Louis is known for today.
  • Stephen was hired to make these monograms.
  • Since this collaboration ended up being so popular, Louis decided to team up with other artists.
  • This included Takashi Murakami, which made competitors do collections with others as well.
  • Yayoi Kusama joined up with Louis too, sparking artists everywhere to team up for collaborations.

In 1959, they figured out how to make handbags more durable and easier to carry. This brought about their popularity even more than before. These handbags stand the test of time to this day.

So why do people buy the replicas? If his handbags are the greatest, why not buy the original by the designer? It all comes down to cost. When his handbags are no longer thousands of dollars, then maybe consumers will go to his originals. Technology made his handbags easily mass-produced, so there are many variations out there to choose from.

However, due to the cost of the handbags, consumers instead flock to the replicas. They are just as good and durable as the originals but without the expense.

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