Daniel sighs as he watches his best friend, Jonathan, completely ignoring him for their friend, Samantha, when she walks into the room. Her long blonde hair matches perfectly with her bright blue eyes. She never wears too much makeup, making her beauty real and not out of a bottle. Daniel figures Jonathan only likes Samantha for her looks, but at times he fears that his love for her goes deeper than just her outward appearance.

He really wishes that the way Jonathan treats him means something more than just friendship, but whenever Samantha walks into the room his dreams are shattered and he just gives up on trying to pursue something more with his best friend. The little smiles and the way those dark brown eyes seem to penetrate through his own blue eyes make Daniel think that maybe Jonathan really does feel something more for him than he originally anticipated. Daniel smiles at Samantha as she takes a seat next to him.

“Hello, Daniel.” She hugs him gently and Daniel blushes a bit.

“Hey Samantha.” He grins when she kisses him on the cheek, noticing that it seems to bother Jonathan.

“What brings you around, Samantha?” Jonathan asks annoyed by her presence.
Daniel smiles, even more, hoping Jonathan’s overprotectiveness is jealousy for him. Samantha sets her papers down on the seat next to her and sighs loudly. “Work. I hate it. Way too much paperwork to fill out.” She gestures towards the seat full of papers. “Halfway done already and I get even more analyses needing to be done.” She folds her arms across the tabletop and lays her head down on top of them. “I wish people would just quit dying already so I wouldn’t have to keep cutting them up.” She mumbles into the table.

Daniel pats her on the back. “It’s okay Samantha.” He rubs her back lightly, noticing Jonathan’s glare that is sent his way. He smiles inwardly. “You just need to take a break.”

She lifts her head and looks at him. “And what would that accomplish? I’d have even more paperwork to do, and I doubt Hammond would appreciate my absence. You might even get stuck with some of my work.” Samantha looks at Jonathan and smirks. “What is your problem?”

Jonathan turns his attention from Daniel’s actions to Samantha’s annoyed stare. “What?”

Samantha rolls her eyes. “Never mind.”

Daniel smiles as he realizes that Jonathan has been staring at him. ‘Yes!’ He thinks to himself. ‘Maybe he does feel something for me.’

Samantha stands up, grabbing her papers from the seat. “I should get back to work.”

“Why don’t we get together tonight?” Jonathan asks quickly. Daniel just stares at him. “The three of us. We could get together at my house and spend some downtime together. No one has to go out into the field tonight, right?” Daniel and Samantha just shake their heads. “Good. Then ya’ll have no excuse for not coming over.” Daniel stands up and grabs his tray full of untouched food. “Where the hell are you going?”

“I have some work to finish if I’m coming over to your house tonight.” Daniel smiles a small smile. Jonathan smiles back cheerfully.

“You haven’t even finished your meal,” Jonathan points out.

Daniel shrugs. “Not really that hungry.”

“Daniel, you should really eat more. You’re too skinny.” Samantha smiles.

“Samantha, I’m not skinny. I’m just fine. I eat when I am hungry, which is not right now. Plus I’ve got work to do. I can always eat at Jonathan’s house later if I’m hungry.”

“Alright kids, I’ll see you two later at nine o’clock.” Jonathan resumes eating his meal as Daniel and Samantha leave to go to their respective offices.

Jonathan’s House

Daniel pulls his black Ford car into Jonathan’s driveway. Samantha’s car is already parked next to Jonathan’s, so Daniel has to park behind hers. He is half an hour early because he wanted to spend extra time with Jonathan before Samantha came over. He didn’t think Jonathan would mind anyway. Daniel gets out of his car, closing the door behind him, and heading up to Jonathan’s front door. He stands there with a bottle of wine, in case all Jonathan has is the nasty beer he despises.

He knocks gently on the door and waits. Nobody comes to open the door for him. He shrugs and knocks harder. Nothing happens. Daniel peers into the window next to the door and sees complete darkness. He raises an eyebrow confused and tries pounding on the door again. If Samantha is there then obviously Jonathan is there, so why isn’t anybody answering the door? He’s usually here earlier than Samantha. But this time she beat him and now the lights are out in the house and Daniel is out in the cold.

He searches around under the doormat to find a spare house key taped underneath it. He yanks it off and unlocks the door. Right when he walks into the house, closing the door, he hears noise from the far end of Jonathan’s house. The darkness consumes his sight for a few seconds, so Daniel waits for his eyes to adjust while he feels around for a light. Finding it he turns on the hall light and sets the bottle of wine down on the chair near the door.

The noise is getting louder and it sounds like someone is in pain. ‘What the hell is going on?’ Daniel wonders, pulling out his gun just in case. He tiptoes his way towards the sound, trying to keep quiet in case something is wrong. The sound keeps getting closer as Daniel silently walks towards Jonathan’s bedroom.

The door is open a crack and there is a small table lamp turned on. Daniel pushes the door open a little more and nearly drops his gun. His jaw drops and eyes widen when he sees his two best friends having sex.

“I love you, Samantha,” Jonathan moans loudly as he pounds recklessly into her.

“Shut up and fuck me,” Samantha grinds out.

He gulps silently, trying to hold back his tears as he slowly backs away from the room. As he turns around to run out of the house, Daniel knocks over the vase right near the door of Jonathan’s room.

“Shit.” Daniel runs out of the house as fast as he can, completely forgetting the bottle of wine and slamming the door behind him. He gets into his car, shaking while he tries to start the engine. Unable to find the keyhole, he hits the side of his steering wheel hard with his hand and throws the keys on the passenger’s seat. He takes off his glasses and wipes his eyes as he starts to cry. He looks up to see the front door open and Jonathan, without any pants on, running out to see Daniel crying in his car. Daniel panics, puts his glasses back on, grabs his keys, shoves them into the ignition and starts his car. Jonathan runs to the side of Daniel’s car and shouts “Let me explain!” but Daniel does not care anymore and drives off and leaves his best friends alone.

Daniel’s Apartment

Slamming the door behind him, Daniel ignores his ringing cell phone, throwing it across the room. He walks into his kitchen and opens up the cupboard. Pushing the ramen noodles aside, he grabs the fifth of JackDaniels’ whiskey. He opens it up and starts to chug but the fowl taste of it makes him spit it out. Instead he opts to try again but drinks it a little slower. After drinking nearly three-fourths of the bottle, he sets it down on the coffee table. He falls into the couch and just cries. ‘I can’t believe they never told me.’ He thinks to himself. “I thought Jonathan might have felt something for me!” He yells to no one in particular.

“How could I have been so stupid? How could anyone love me? Especially Mister Heterosexual Jonathan Anderson who is the epitome of heterosexuality. I should have known he was fucking her with the way he stared at her. He did not want me at all. He just wanted me to stay the hell away from Samantha.” Daniel groans as he stands up. “Well the hell with them. Fuck them all. I don’t need anybody. Nobody needs me. None of it means anything anymore. My parents died, my wife was killed and the only man I have ever loved is in love with a woman.” He says angrily. “All I have left is my fucking fish.” He sighs looking at his fish tank and a fish floats to the top. “Fuck. I don’t even have any fish!” He runs his hands through his hair. “And now, whenever I go to work, I’ll just see Jonathan and imagine him sliding into Samantha and calling out her name. He will never do that with me. I will never feel him move inside of me,” he sighs. “Some friend he is, I bet they’ve been fucking ever since we first met. How could Samantha not have told me about it? I thought we were friends. And how could I not have noticed? I am so fucking stupid. It was so obvious. Those dirty little looks he would give her. They weren’t for me, oh no. They were for her, probably to meet in the autopsy room later to have sex on one of the autopsy tables. They’re fucking sick.” He picks up the bottle of JackDaniels and throws it towards his fish tank, missing his target by several feet, alcohol seeping through his carpet. “I throw like a fucking girl. Maybe if I was a girl then he would fuck me,” he bitches. “My life is just not worth it anymore. I just give up.” Daniel stumbles towards his balcony and opens the glass doors. He looks out to see Jonathan’s car pull up, Samantha and him emerging from the car. Daniel curses silently and waits until they stand directly in front of the apartment building. He stumbles out onto his balcony, closing the glass doors.

“Damn it, Daniel!” Jonathan curses to himself as he buzzes the intercom. “Daniel I know you can hear me!” He mutters. Moving from the door, Jonathan looks up towards his balcony. “Daniel! What the hell are you doing up there?” He yells.

Daniel looks down and rolls his eyes. He climbs over the bars, nearly falling, and steadies himself, holding on tightly. “I’m ending my life what does it look like I’m doing?” He slurs matter-of-factly.

Samantha joins Jonathan and her eyes are full of tears. “Daniel don’t do it!” She yells up at him, trying not to cry. “Whatever is wrong, we can fix it!” she calls out to him.

“You don’t even know what it is!” He yells back.

“Just stay put and we’ll come up there and talk about it!” Samantha responds.

“You’re not coming up here!” Daniel slurs. “You’re fucking the only man I have ever loved!” Daniel yells back at her. “I have nothing to live for anymore! My parents are dead, my wife is dead, even my fucking fish are dead! Everything I love dies, you’re better off without me!”

“Daniel, you know that’s not true. We need you. You’re a part of us. You’re our family.” Samantha cries out.

“If I was family, then why didn’t you guys tell me you were fucking?” Daniel slurs.

“You’re in love with me?” Jonathan says confused.

“Yes,” Daniel says matter-of-factly.

“I had no idea,” he replies.

“You wouldn’t,” Daniel responds.

“It’s not worth killing yourself over this,” Jonathan states.

Daniel laughs bitterly. “Why? Because you’re in love with me too? And you’re just fucking Samantha on the side until I come around?”

Jonathan just looks down at the ground unable to respond.

“Things can’t go back to the way they were. I have nothing now. No friends, no family, my job is worthless and I’m not going anywhere in life. I have no reason to live anymore. It all just goes away! Which is why I must do this.” Daniel says as he lets go of the bars and falls from his balcony.

“No!” Jonathan yells as Daniel hits the pavement, instantly killing him, his blood splattering on their shoes.

Samantha screams in horror and Jonathan pulls her to his chest so she does not have to look at Daniel’s dead body.

The End

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