Best Headphones for Listening to Vinyl and Why They Really Make a Difference

What headphones should you buy for when you listen to vinyl records? There are so many types of headphones out there, it is hard to choose just one, especially when you do not know what to look for. You have all these options, but you cannot decide on just one set of headphones.

What do you do? Well, there are advantages to having headphones just for listening to vinyl records. But you must take into consideration specific features the headphones may have, to make your final decision.

Finding the Best Headphones

Figure out what the best headphones are by following these suggestions below:

  • Are they sound free?

Any headphones you buy may have an option for drowning out other noises. This is useful for hearing your music better and clearer. It is important to find ones that are sound free. This can make listening to your vinyl records more exciting or relaxing compared to headphones that are not sound free.

Having the best headphones means having headphones that hide other noises coming from your environment. This is perfect for those that want to listen to a vinyl record peacefully.

  • No loud noises.

If you’re close by to your neighbors, using headphones is a great way to keep quiet while listening to music. A lot of times people end up blasting their music, which in turn aggravates their neighbors. It is important to use headphones so you can have your music as loud as you want, without disturbing anyone else.

This also works when you live with someone who likes different music than your own. Especially if they hate the genre you like listening to, then headphones are the best bet. It keeps the noise in the headphones only, so you can relax and enjoy your music without any complaints.

  • Lower cost.

Buying headphones vs buying speakers is no contest, as headphones win every time. Speakers can be very expensive, especially the nice ones. And they do not keep the noise in or out, so everyone can hear your music and you can hear everyone else.

Getting headphones is a great idea if you need to save money, as they are much more reasonable in price compared to speakers.

  • Better connections.

Trying to hook up your speakers to your stereo is a lot more difficult than plugging headphones in. All you must do is find the port to plug it into and bam, you are done, and all set up to listen to your music. With speakers, on the other hand, it takes a bit more effort, because you must go behind the stereo and find the ports to plug all the wires into. Some wires plug into the speakers themselves, while others plug directly into the stereo.

It can be easier to plug in headphones compared to hooking up your speakers. So, it is best to buy headphones to have easy removal and connection of the headphones to your stereo.

The Five Best Headphones from

All these reasons are great for getting new headphones just for your vinyl records, but which ones should you choose? It can be a difficult decision, so here are some of the top items from

Amazon’s top-rated headphones available for under $150:

These headphones are only $59.99 and come with free shipping. They are great for listening to vinyl records because they offer noise cancellation so you will not hear the outside world. It also keeps the sound from your music inside the headphones, so you will not bother your neighbors.

You can use these wired or wirelessly, as they come equipped with Bluetooth. This comes in handy when you do not want to deal with cords, or you are in a crowded place that would make the cords a hassle to deal with.

They also come with a hand free microphone, if you need one to take phone calls. This is a benefit if you are listening to music on your cell phone and you do not want to miss any calls.

The earphones themselves are designed to fit any ear comfortably. No more painful headphones from being left on too long. They do recommend resting your ears every 2-3 hours, just so you get a break that your head may need.

After being fully charged, you will get 30 hours or so out of your headphones. This is great if you want to listen for a long time, it will give you the time you need to get the most out of your headphones. These come in 6 different colors to choose from, so you can find the right fit for your style.

These headphones have some of the best sound quality out there for under $150. These will not break your bank, because they only cost $34.99 and they come with free shipping.

The sound quality is great because it cushions and covers your ears to allow you to hear fewer outside noises and more of your music. The ear cushions are designed to feel like human skin, so they rest comfortably on your ears without any pain.

The headband is flexible so it can fit any size head. It also is padded to feel more comfortable on your head.

These headphones are foldable so you can store them easily or take them on the go. You can use these wired or wireless, so you do not need to worry about traveling with them. They last for about 20 hours when using them wirelessly.

They recommend 1-2 hours for breaks when you listen to your music. Their headphones fit tightly against your ears to prevent sound from getting in, however, this may cause some discomfort at first. This also helps when you are in a muggy environment, so sweat does not build up on the headphones. These come in 8 different colors to choose from. This allows you to pick and choose your favorite color for these headphones.

These headphones come in four different colors and are only $32.99 with free shipping. This is very affordable, but you do get more for the price. They have the best quality sound for headphones so you can hear all the bass, vocals, and high tones clearly. This lets you enjoy your music more. It also has padded ear cushions to make your ears comfortable while using the headphones.

They include 2 different options for cords, such as 6.33mm and 3.5mm. They suggest using a 9.8-foot cord for longer length if needed. The ear cups also swivel around to provide single-ear music, so you can hear others while listening to your music.

These headphones are high-quality sound, comfortable, and durable. They offer a self-adjustable headband, which is also very flexible to fit any head shape. You can use these headphones to listen to your vinyl records for hours on end. However, these only come in 4 colors, which may not be one of your favorites.

These headphones are perfect for listening to your vinyl records. They have the best sound quality and noise reduction out there. They also have deep bass and a dynamic sound, even if you have your headphone volume maxed out.

The headphones are very comfortable and gentle on the ear and are also foldable and flexible. They are designed to fit any size head, even the largest ones. They are great for all ages, whether kid, teen or adult.

They come in 9 different colors and are unisex. They connect easily via Bluetooth and allow you to just turn the headphones on and off for pairing to other devices. You can also plug in the headphones if desired, but the Bluetooth is the best option for these.

They offer a special noise reduction for their microphone that is attached to the headphones. This is great if you want to use the headphones for phone calls on your smartphone.

The design of these headphones is high quality, even though they only cost $26.99 with free shipping. They make these soft to the touch and they even look great too. The memory-protein used for these headphones allows them to sit comfortably on your ears.

These headphones can keep a charge up to 9.5 hours, so you can continuously use them throughout the day. You can listen to your music non-stop wirelessly, and then plug them into your device to continue to listen to your music. They come with a protective carrying case to keep them safe through travel.

These headphones are great for both kids and adults, over the age of 10. They have soft ear pads that go over the ear for kids and on the ear for adults and teens. They are very comfortable to wear and only cost $12.99 plus free shipping when you spend over $25. Feel free to order these along with a new vinyl record!

They have a 1.5-meter cord and a 3.5mm headphone jack. They come in 6 different colors which can be useful for picking your (or your kid’s) favorite color. They can be used with every device but are especially great for listening to vinyl records. They are easy to carry and adjustable due to how the headphones can stretch.


There are many great options for headphones out there, but these are some of the top 5 ones on Always look for great sound quality and low cost when looking for decent headphones. Comfort is an issue too, you need to make sure the headphones will fit your ears and feel comfortable too.

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