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Category: Parenting

Parenting Toddlers Tips #1

Some tips for parenting a toddler: show affection, only give them necessary rules for safety, try and prevent tantrums before they start, enforce any consequences from bad behavior, and set a good example! To elaborate on those last posted tips, here are some important things to know. When trying to prevent tantrums, you need to: Know what your child’s limits are.Explain how they need to follow the rules.Even if toddler says no, keep asking, but also try distracting them first, then asking again.If you tell your toddler no all the… Read more Parenting Toddlers Tips #1

Adventures with AJ

My son, AJ, is 19 months old. He gets into everything, it’s crazy. He went from NICU and not doing much to doing everything he can to get into trouble. I am still surprised at what he does next. And I always forget that when he’s quiet, he’s being naughty. It takes me a minute to go, “hey, it’s quiet” and then “oh crap” and having to clean up his mess. One day maybe I will notice it sooner. Then yesterday, he was all over me while I tried to… Read more Adventures with AJ

Quality Time

I am sure every parent loves to spend time with their children. Well maybe not every parent, but normally a parent loves to spend time with their kids. I know I do, and every moment with AJ is a blessing. I almost died after giving birth to him. I did not even know this happened until he was almost a year old and my mom mentioned it. Kind of freaked me out. So now I cherish every time I spend with him. But with working at writing articles and trying… Read more Quality Time

Sharing Is Caring

As a mom, we all teach our children to share. Sharing is an important milestone with children, once they know how to share, it is important to keep encouraging that they do share with others. It is great when the kid wants to share too, it makes it even more special when they share with you. However, your kid may not want to share all the time. And that is normal, typical behavior for a child of any age. It is okay for them to not want to share. They… Read more Sharing Is Caring

How to Parent Your Child

No one wants someone telling them how to raise their children, so why would I post about it? Well, there are some common things that every parent should be doing with their kids. Maintain your child’s health and safety. Promote the emotional well-being of the child. Building their social skills. And prepare them intellectually for the world and school. These are all important things you should be doing for your children. Child development is very important when raising a child, you want to make sure he or she is ready… Read more How to Parent Your Child

Postpartum Anxiety

What is Postpartum Anxiety? Wait, you had Postpartum Depression with your first pregnancy, and now you feel really off after your second. Your baby was born, he is healthy, your first child is healthy, so why do you feel so anxious all of a sudden? This is something doctors refer to as Postpartum Anxiety. Much like postpartum depression, it is very bad anxiety for mothers that have just given birth. Will you be able to take good care of your baby? What will happen to your first born? Will you… Read more Postpartum Anxiety