My Skills

Hi and welcome to my skills page! I have many skills related to writing and editing, just check out down below.

My Skills:

  • Article Writing – For writing content on websites.
  • Blog Writing – For writing content on blogs.
  • Editing – For editing documents and website pages for grammar and spelling issues, also can edit whole paragraphs for other errors.
  • Proofreading – Just grammar and spelling issue corrections.
  • Researching – For finding anything online.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – For helping your blog post or article get in the top search results.
  • Microsoft Word – For data entry, writing, and editing.
  • Short Stories – For writing stories about various fiction topics, especially SciFi and Fantasy.
  • Data Entry – For entering data into Microsoft Word or Excel.

And here is a list of skills I definitely do not have, so do not hire me for these.

My Not-Skills:

  • Computer Programming – Learning how to, cannot do it myself yet.
  • Graphic Design – Failing at Photoshop or any other graphics editing program.
  • Microsoft Excel Formulas – Failing at figuring out formulas, still cannot do it. I can input data but I cannot do formulas for said data unless it is already set up.