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Category: Mental Health

Anxiety and A Toddler

So my anxiety and attention span has gone to crap. My shrink thinks I may had ADHD and gave me a test to do. I scored high in all the symptoms, which means I have it. I’ll get it confirmed in a few weeks. Joy. Just what I need, another diagnosis and more meds. I already have PTSD, OCD, Bipolar Disorder, Severe Depression, GAD, anxiety, social anxiety issues, SAD, and probably some I forgot. That’s just my mental health. Wtf. I am on an increased dosage of a new medicine… Read more Anxiety and A Toddler

Postpartum Anxiety

What is Postpartum Anxiety? Wait, you had Postpartum Depression with your first pregnancy, and now you feel really off after your second. Your baby was born, he is healthy, your first child is healthy, so why do you feel so anxious all of a sudden? This is something doctors refer to as Postpartum Anxiety. Much like postpartum depression, it is very bad anxiety for mothers that have just given birth. Will you be able to take good care of your baby? What will happen to your first born? Will you… Read more Postpartum Anxiety