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Category: Chronic Illness

Diabetes gone?

Well my doctor’s appointment went well. She officially took me off my diabetes medicine and told me it was inactive. She said to test my blood sugar once a day until I see her at the end of next month, and we will see how I am doing. If I am good, then after that appointment I can test my blood sugar only when I feel ill. Yay! She said my weight loss helped me immensely and to keep at it.  I also found some smaller clothes to wear that fit… Read more Diabetes gone?

Doctor’s Appointment

Well my diabetes doctor’s appointment is today. Hopefully she will say I don’t need the medications now because of my weight loss. My mom is taking me along with my son because my doctor is 1 and a half hours from my home. I don’t do well driving for that long. Yeah, a lot of my doctors are far away. Joys of being in a small town. My mom is 3 blocks away which can be good and bad. Lol. Wish me luck! -Originally posted on April 16th, 2019 on… Read more Doctor’s Appointment

Living with Diabetes

I was diagnosed a couple of years ago with type 2 diabetes. Of course my weight is a big factor (pun not intended). Since the summer of 2018, I have been working towards my goal of getting down to 150lbs. I have lost 90lbs so far and it keeps coming off (more on that in another post). Every so often I have low blood sugar, between 50 to 80. Normal is 90 to 120. I am on medication for my diabetes, but no insulin. Since last Sunday, I have been… Read more Living with Diabetes