Anxiety and A Toddler

So my anxiety and attention span has gone to crap. My shrink thinks I may had ADHD and gave me a test to do. I scored high in all the symptoms, which means I have it. I’ll get it confirmed in a few weeks. Joy. Just what I need, another diagnosis and more meds.

I already have PTSD, OCD, Bipolar Disorder, Severe Depression, GAD, anxiety, social anxiety issues, SAD, and probably some I forgot. That’s just my mental health. Wtf.

I am on an increased dosage of a new medicine and I get my blood tested Wednesday to see if it is a high enough dosage to help me. 1,000mg. That’s a lot to me. I started on 500mg and it wasn’t working. And I’ve heard some of the side effects include hair loss or thinning of the hair and I’m pretty sure that’s why my hair falls out so easily when I take a shower.

Anyways, I struggle with all this and still manage to be a mom to an awesome baby boy and a wife to a loving husband. I do manage, but it is never easy. Especially if I want to spend the day in bed. I can’t, gotta take care of my baby boy.  Love him so much, I’ll do anything for him.

So all of you out there that struggle with mental illnesses, it is going to be ok. You will get through it. And if you ever need to talk, DM me on Twitter.

-Originally posted on April 29th, 2019 on my now gaming blog.