Living with Diabetes

I was diagnosed a couple of years ago with type 2 diabetes. Of course my weight is a big factor (pun not intended). Since the summer of 2018, I have been working towards my goal of getting down to 150lbs. I have lost 90lbs so far and it keeps coming off (more on that in another post).

Every so often I have low blood sugar, between 50 to 80. Normal is 90 to 120. I am on medication for my diabetes, but no insulin. Since last Sunday, I have been experiencing a lot of low blood sugar drops every day after breakfast. This makes me feel dizzy, lightheaded, weak, sluggish, etc..

Why was this happening to me? I had a theory. Well actually my mom did and I agreed to it. I stopped taking my diabetic medicine. Bad idea usually, right?

Well color me surprised when my blood sugar normalized. The highest it went up to was 140 and the lowest was in between 90-100. I was so happy, I could finally function decently. It was great.

This “test” started last Thursday and is still ongoing. I see my doctor tomorrow, so hopefully she will say I no longer need the medicine or something. I will update you all with the results!

Today my blood sugar was at the lowest 110 and highest 138. Going to keep monitoring it of course.

But man do I hate poking my fingers. It hurts and my fingers get sore. It sucks. I hope I can overcome diabetes and get my blood sugar normalized. I might have just dropped back down to pre-diabetes levels. Maybe after some more weight loss I will be free of diabetes. Here’s hoping!

-Originally posted on April 15th, 2019 on my now gaming blog.